City Link Huang square kilometer tunnel construction

S102 Xining Ring Road chase through Huangzhong to ping an expressway project construction. Recently, located in Xinzhuang Town of white tal village of Huangzhong County on the static real tunnel started, this 1100 meters long tunnel is S102 Xining City Link chase through Huangzhong to change the focus of peace road expansion project project, marking the main road around Xining to make progress.

started in September this year by Huangzhong to Datong Ping Road, highway 102 is part of Xining city circle, line from Datong County Jingyang Town, Huangzhong County, the Li Jia Shan Zhen Shang Xin Zhuang Zhen Tu Men Guan Xiang, Ping District, lime kiln Township, three Town, stop in the safe area of the White Horse Village, and last year has started is the full construction of peace through mutual aid to Datong Road connection end point. Chase through Huangzhong to Ping An line length of 110.57 km, the use of highway construction standards for the level of the highway, the whole set of tunnels, large and medium bridges, 31, the estimated investment of 2 billion 870 million yuan, plans for a period of time of 3 years for a period of 4 years. Static room more than 1100 meters of the tunnel is a key project on Huang Ping Road node project, the tunnel excavation began marking the overall rapid advance of the project. Currently, chase through Huangzhong to Ping An highway project to move the work is nearing completion, the construction units have all entered, along with the completion of the relocation of the project to accelerate the construction of the project.