Datong County held to help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment activities mobilization


conference site

7 31, the county government held a conference room on the seven floor to help enterprises, steady growth, adjust the structure of the mobilization of the general assembly. The main responsible persons of all townships, departments, units and people’s organizations attended the meeting.

meeting arrangements to help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment activities from July 25th to the end of November 5th. The main task is to promote support policies to help solve difficulties; promote transformation and upgrading; strengthen internal management; training cadres.

through the implementation of "help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment" activities, efforts to resolve a number of small and micro Datong common problems and problems of enterprise development, and further optimize the development environment, development and cultivation of a number of steady growth prospects and strong competitiveness and growth in Small and micro businesses, to develop a series of entrepreneurial experience and strong management ability of entrepreneurs. (Li Guochang)