Wang Guosheng chaired the provincial comprehensive deepening reform leading group of the twentieth m

7 22, the provincial Party Secretary, the provincial comprehensive deepening reform leading group chaired the provincial Party committee Wang Guosheng comprehensively deepen reform leading group of the twentieth meeting. He stressed the need to further enhance their understanding, compaction responsibility reform, important areas and key links, focusing on the global focus, precise force, implement the plan, promote the comprehensive deepening of reform has made substantial progress, to achieve a major breakthrough in the new new.

Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, deputy head of the leading group Hao Peng attended.

conference heard a comprehensive report on the progress of the province’s comprehensive reform. The Party pointed out that since the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a guide on the province, conscientiously implement the deployment of the reform of the central government, the vast majority of reform proposal is to implement. The three Guozihao reform and administrative examination and approval, the commercial system, the supply side structural reforms in key areas such as promoting reform, the highlights are frequent, the great social vigor, make up the inferior position and short board, to enhance the development of new energy, improve people gain a sense of reform, and achieved remarkable results. At the same time, we must clearly recognize that there are still uneven understanding of reform, problem oriented is still not prominent, the focus of reform is not enough focus, coordination and other issues still need to be strengthened.

meeting stressed that the provincial Party committees and governments at all levels should be in accordance with the provincial Party committee to deepen the reform of the leading group of the deployment requirements, improve the understanding of the concept, the responsibility of compaction reform, and further enhance the initiative to grasp the initiative of reform. To adhere to the problem oriented, strengthen the guidance of classification, highlighting the characteristics of Qinghai, focusing on important areas and key aspects of the overall situation, the introduction of pragmatic and effective measures targeted operational measures. To strengthen the system construction, highlighting the strict norms, the construction of long-term mechanism to promote reform. To encourage the masses to participate in respect of the initiative to promote top-level design and grassroots exploration of organic integration, and constantly stimulate the vitality of the whole society reform. To strengthen organizational leadership, improve the work of the organization, the consensus of all parties to form a powerful force to promote reform.

meeting examined and adopted the principle of deepening the reform of talent development in Qinghai Province, the implementation of institutional reform. Pointed out that the important instructions to study and implement the General Secretary Xi on personnel work spirit, fully implement the Central Committee on deepening the reform of talent development system of the major strategic, to firmly establish the new concept of development, closely linked to the "13th Five-Year" development goals, respect talent law, combined with the actual situation in the province, of special laws, make special policies, focusing the introduction of talent management, training, evaluation and incentive and other key sectors, efforts to get rid of the shackles of institutional mechanisms obstacles of ideas and talent development, building a scientific, open and efficient operation of the personnel management system development. We should accelerate the establishment of talents and the construction of "three areas" development strategy integration mechanism, to build a more perfect system of personnel training support mechanisms, improve the mechanism of introducing talents more and more open and flexible, to construct Qinghai province innovation incentive mechanism, improve the talent evaluation and motivation system flow, building a scientific and efficient personnel management system, maximize stimulate talent innovation and creativity, for the construction of the harmonious beauty of youth;