Xining city service industry Small and micro businesses face exam

, a reporter from the Xining National Bureau of investigation team was informed that most of the Xining city service industry Small and micro businesses in the start-up and growth stage, restricted by the external economic environment and rising operating costs, financing difficulties, personnel mobility speed and other factors, the development of enterprises is not optimistic.

survey shows that the city’s service industry development of small and micro enterprises by the five bottleneck constraints. First, the implementation of tax incentives are not in place. Survey results show that in 219 companies operating in the enjoyment of preferential tax policies, there are 108, accounting for the total number of 49%. Main causes of most enterprises can not enjoy preferential policies, preferential policies for the lack of publicity, single mode, low awareness of enterprises, many enterprises do not know of the government industry preferential tax policy. Secondly, narrow financing channels, the majority of enterprise funds tight. Some companies in the survey reflect the lack of liquidity, financing difficulties. Third, corporate costs rise, profit difficulties. Since 2012, water, electricity, steel and other raw material price fluctuations, labor prices continued to rise, the operating costs of enterprises gradually increased, while the majority of enterprises are labor-intensive enterprises, technical content is low, the price is difficult to improve, the enterprise revenue growth is far lower than the cost of growth, enterprises generally reflect the operating pressure, profit small space. Fourth, the payment of arrears affect the subsequent development of enterprises. Due to lack of working capital funds, mutual arrears of triangular debt situation is serious, very little liquidity. Fifth, personnel mobility. Small and micro services industry due to the low pay and lack of strict management system, the introduction of talent "not to move" and "stay", and the employee salary promotion opportunity is very few, causes the enterprise serious brain drain. From the first report data for 5 months, the city’s small service industry average wage of 2351 yuan enterprises, the majority of the industry wage of 1500 yuan, the salary level is low, serious loss of personnel, affecting the sustainable development of enterprises. (author: small words)