Who will be held accountable if there is a problem

– Wang Yubo check Wei Jian review – this brand Chuangwei determined not to lose at the scene of the urge to solve the difficult people worry

"here’s the problem, I must be responsible for supervision and solution, please rest assured." Mayor Wang Yubo clasped the old lady’s hand. "Thank you, mayor, on behalf of more than and 60 residents, thank you." This is the scene of the construction of a residential building in the north of the city in May 18th, a bankrupt residents.

The same day, mayor Wang Yubo and vice mayor of the inspection work in the construction of health inspection, encountered an old woman to reflect the septic tank clogging caused by sewage flow, a serious impact on their normal life in the country, the impact of the work of the people’s livelihood, and so on.

. Wang Yubo follow the old woman immediately after the scene to arrange the city government to solve the northern district.

Wang Yubo stressed that success is a town municipal government under the leadership of the provincial government, the mobilization of the people of the city, into a million people united as one man, do the people’s livelihood and the most popular project. Today, Wei Jian baton spread our hands, we have the responsibility to consolidate the results of health and maintain the good, to ensure the "national health city" brand firm can not lose. (down to A03 version)

lost people do not agree, the municipal government does not promise.

Wang Yubo stressed that the national health city brand embodies the wisdom of leaders at all levels, the majority of the people, and embodies the municipal government people-oriented, serving the people’s sense of purpose. The consolidation of health outcomes is the people’s expectations, we should not only accept the establishment of a review, more important is to accept the masses, year after year on our day in and day out inspection work is often affected by the sexy. To always recognize the people do not recognize, satisfaction and dissatisfaction as the standard to build the work of Wei, once the link, which department, which areas of problems, must be held accountable for the relevant personnel.

for how to enhance the achievements of the construction of health care, to meet the good Jian Wei review work, Wang Yubo put forward four requirements. He stressed that a power reduction is not news, to maintain a clear understanding, all in the construction of livable city on the drive, always not paralysis, not slack. The two is Chuangwei momentum can not be weak, to keep a tackle tough state, attaches great importance to the ideological work, conscientiously implement, establish long-term mechanism. The three is Chuangwei requirements can not be loose, Chuangwei spirit can not be lost. Remember the people on our city management ability and level, and to keep the implementation of the municipal government to work fine, to implement the requirements of city management of social management, strict management, according to the rules, not laissez faire. Four is the responsibility of news can not be changed, the long-term mechanism of grasping rectification. At present, there is no way to allow the construction of health review work in the context of meticulous management of any problems; in the long run, with the implementation of the mechanism to ensure that the long-term results of maintaining the building. Washington (reporter Sheng Nan)