Joint country cadet for Dominica and Barbados

first_img Share Share LocalNews Joint country cadet for Dominica and Barbados by: – August 3, 2012 18 Views   no discussions Sharecenter_img Tweet Sharing is caring! Dominica Cadet Corps during Independence Parade 2011Ten senior cadets of the Dominica corps will be better trained to serve the organisation in more ways than one when a joint camp kicks off later this month for cadet clubs from Dominica and Barbados.The joint camp, planned by the Dominica Cadet Corps Central Committee and the Barbados Cadet Corps, will take place at the Goodwill Secondary School.Captain Dorsen Robin who is Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Cadet Corps Central Committee said the Cadet Corp is playing a significant role in society including one of linking Caribbean countries.“The Cadet movement has been in the forefront, in shaping the minds of youth in the Caribbean islands. We have seen the products in our top civil servants, in our business people and our politicians. We have no reason to doubt that this programme will deliver even better products than before if we maintain a good standing within the Cadet Corp.”Captain robin said that the Dominica Cadet Corps was inaugurated in 1910 and was decommissioned in 1979. Since its return in 2010, the aim has been to catch up with the general requirements.the captain was speaking at a press conference held on Wednesday morning when he shared that the objectives of the joint camp is to do just that.“Since we’ve been out of commission for some 21 years, we had a big loss of what you call institutional knowledge, how do you do things as a cadet corps, how do you manage a cadet corps, how do you run a camp and so we turned to our brothers in the region, in Barbados and Trinidad to get assistance, to get trainers on the ground and to access their training so that we could redevelop our programme and our volunteers could have much more knowledge. Incrementally, we are getting there in that persons on the ground now know how to run a camp in a true cadet, military fashion, knowing how to deal with issues of safety and child management.”Captain Desisle Bascombe who is team leader of the visiting Barbados cadet corps contingent noted that the six-day camp will participate in activities including a youth forum, a hike along the Waitukubuli National Trail and an open day for the public.Government Information Servicelast_img