Dominica government to construct 60 apartment units for single parents

first_img 50 Views   one comment LocalNews Dominica government to construct 60 apartment units for single parents by: – October 20, 2012 Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit. Photo compliments: Health Promotion UnitThe government of Dominica has announced that it will, very soon, commence construction of sixty apartment units in Bath Estate and Elmshall for single parent families.Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Roosevelt Skerrit made this disclosure at the opening of a computer center in the Roseau North Constituency on Thursday evening.The Prime Minister explained that the purpose for his government embarking on “such an expansive investment in housing” is with a view to assisting in addressing a “very serious challenge” confronting many families in Dominica.He identified that challenge as the high cost of rent in Dominica, as many families use almost ninety percent (90 %) of their salaries in rent payments.“There is no way, irrespective of who you are; you can survive if ninety percent of your income goes into rent. How can you take care of your children? How can you save for a rainy day if you are to give a landlord all of this money,” he asked.He further noted that there are some landlords who do not take care of these apartments and families are forced to live in inadequate housing conditions.“Sometimes you rent places from landlords and [the] toilet cannot flush, switches bad, every bulb you put it burns, and there leaks on there you have to put buckets and buckets in your bedroom; I mean you have to be moving your bed one night here, and another night over there and the government of Dominica, the Labour Party government is seeking to address, if not the entire problem, but part of the problem”. The project to construct sixty apartment buildings will provide a “modern home” for families where they can be proud and comfortable as well as their children.It will take the format of renting to own; where the families will pay a reduced rent to the government which will go towards payment of the apartment.“You won’t be only paying the government money every month and won’t be seeing your way. That money would be collected and as it continues to grow in that bucket, you will eventually own that apartment and call it your very own, your investment, your way of life and that’s what we are seeking to do”.Single parents will be given priority for these apartment units when they are completed, however the Prime Minister did not indicate a specific date as to when this construction will commence. Dominica Vibes Newslast_img