Aviat Networks Announces Solutions to Protect Microwave Links from Wi-Fi 6E Interference

first_imgAviat Networks, an expert in wireless transport solutions, has announced new Frequency Assurance Software (FAS) and integrated spectrum analyzer functionality to help customers protect their mission-critical microwave links from interference in the 6 GHz band. With Wi-Fi 6E now approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), microwave licensees will have little or no protection from interference to their critical communications.Aviat strongly opposes unlicensed operation in the 6 GHz band since it threatens essential services for first responders, utilities, mobile operators, transportation, and other critical infrastructure. For this reason, Aviat has developed FAS to address the threat posed from unlicensed Wi-Fi 6E operation.Aviat’s patent-pending FAS Expert System is custom-built to monitor and detect interference, perform trend analysis of the network over time to track interference, and isolate problem links before noticeable impacts occur. FAS has an innovative algorithm that allows Aviat customers to baseline their microwave networks before Wi-Fi 6E devices get widely deployed so they can see interference effects over time.Most importantly, FAS has the following benefits:Prevent outages by identifying interference issues before they become real problemsReport and remediate by collecting and reporting on interference events and trends over time for remediation with the FCCManage interference from anywhere, anytime via a user-friendly web-based interfaceAviat is planning to support FAS on non-Aviat radios in future releases. In addition to FAS, all of the latest versions of Aviat radios come equipped with an integrated spectrum analyzer to confirm the presence of interference in any band without the need for site visits or external devices that may have difficulty measuring interference at the actual receiver.Aviat’s goal is to protect its customers from interference due to Wi-Fi 6E and other unwanted or unauthorized sources. Enabling the customers to maintain their critical communications is of utmost importance to the Company. That’s why Aviat has created FAS, the industry’s only expert system software to detect, report, and help remediate interference on microwave links.last_img