Cut to Serving Sizes for Breweries & Distilleries Kills This Bill, According To Micciche

first_imgSB 76 seeks to overhaul the State of Alaska’s alcohol laws. The Title 4 Review project involved an unprecedented level of collaboration between groups that has been ongoing since 2012. The amendment, to slash the daily pour limit in Alaska breweries from 36 oz to 24 oz., was introduced during a committee hearing in the House Labor & Commerce Committee. Sen. Micciche: “The action essentially kills the bill for this year.” The amendment introduced by former bar owner, Rep. Louise Stutes of Kodiak, and a current bar owner, Rep. Adam Wool of Fairbanks, were aided in passing the amendment by Rep. Andy Josephson of Anchorage, and Rep. Gary Knopp of Kenai. FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Senator Peter Micciche (R-Soldotna), withdrew his request for a House Finance Committee hearing on SB 76 following an amendment to cut the on-site retail sale volumes for craft manufacturers by one-third. Sen. Micciche: “Title 4 is a mess, It’s a mess for the industry, the public, and the state that attempts to enforce it. I think one of the most powerful parts of this process, and one of the reasons we’ve made it this far, is that everyone who participated was able to look beyond their own self-interest and consider the big picture, and a system that is better for everyone than the one we have today.” Sen. Micciche: “I’m disappointed with the action in Labor and Commerce in the House. The reality of it is this bill is a consensus bill, every side of the industry has been relatively unselfish, and this change that it’s only the brewers and distillers offsets the balance.” Sen. Micciche first introduced a version of the legislation in 2015, SB 99. That version also met resistance from an interest group, and its critical pieces were stripped and passed in separate legislation, which largely addressed the issues surrounding minors consuming alcohol.last_img