At The Finish Line…Where Only the Truth Matters

first_imgThe Pens move on to play Tampa Bay.  To win, Crosby will have to get his star game to the next level.  I still think this is the year. Curry out of the game for three weeks comes in and drops 40, then 29 in embarrassing fashion.  His mom is fine, his wife is super fine . . . something real unfair about this. Here’s how you fix the transgender bathroom problem – building a third bathroom everywhere.  One for boys.  One for girls.  One for anyone else . . . duh!!! Bill NealTruth be told, for the second time this year I was wrong about something.  (The first being “J-Lo” is not going to return my call.) and now this . . . the Spurs will not win the West.  So now, I hook my wagon to OKC . . . we must stop the Warriors, but man oh man, that Steph Curry is a bad x x . . . “Hush your mouth”!  Well, I was just talking about “Steph”! One of the voices on 98.7 The Fan . . . I say that because they all sound alike with the exception of Paul Zeise . . . say that Antonio Brown is the greatest receiver in Steeler history.  Wrong and wrong.  Don’t take my word for it.  Just pull up John Stallworth and Lynn Swann videos.  You know, the two Hall of Famers.  And while you’re at it, sprinkle in some Hines Ward.  C’mon man.  I love A.B. like the rest of Steeler nation, but let’s get the ring and Hall of Fame status in place first!!!< You Have Just Crossed the Finish Line >last_img