Expelled groups thrive away from oppression

first_imgDear Editor,Geralda Dennison, a Guyanese living in England, in another medium, pointed out that oppressed or persecuted ethnic groups (Jews and Indians used as illustration) thrive in new societies where they are re-settled. She noted that the brutal black dictator, Idi Amin in Uganda expelled Indians similar to how Hitler sought to exterminate or expel Jews from Germany. The Indians fled to the UK, Hong Kong, and other countries while the Jews made their way to America and other countries. Dennison rightly commented, “Intriguingly, both expelled groups subsequently made great strides” where they had resettled – not only the members of the ethnic groups, but also the countries where they settled adding to wealth creation and industrial development. They created countless jobs and played a significant role in national development and economic growth.It is noted that in Guyana, another notorious dictator Forbes Burnham indirectly expelled Indians, Chinese, whites (Portuguese) and others from the country. Members of these persecuted ethnic groups were forced out of Guyana through a variety of methods, including violence and using ethnic food as weapons. Away from oppression, and settled in Australia, North America, Suriname, the UK, French Guiana, and around the Caribbean, the members of these oppressed expelled Guyanese ethnic groups have done remarkably well in their new adopted countries – high paying jobs, opportunities at being professionals, home and car owners, access to advanced education, and generally enjoy a relatively high standard of living.Evidence reveals that those who supported Burnham’s policy of ethnic chauvinism have largely regressed and the country experienced negative growth. Countries that were the recipients of these oppressed ethnic groups have seen their economies made great strides, growing rapidly.So if there is one lesson learnt from Hitler’s Germany, Idi Amin’s Uganda, and Burnham’s Guyana, a country will regress rather than progress when hard working model ethnic groups are persecuted. Away from oppression, ethnic groups do well.Yours truly,Vishnu Bisramlast_img