We are being denied justice

first_imgDear Editor,We are a group of concerned residents who are being denied justice and the protection of our rights by key elements in the Guyana Police Force and at least one other state agency.We reside at Agriculture Road, Mon Repos, on the East Coast of Demerara, and are law-abiding citizens. We have always had welcoming and open arms to businesses that are established in our community, because they offer us the opportunity to gain employment and provide services that can keep our community going.Recently, modifications were made to a business enterprise in our community that saw the opening of a sports bar and lounge on the main road. This new addition or expansion of the business saw the owner(s) operating into the wee hours of the morning without any intervention from the Police, despite our constants calls for assistance because of the noise nuisance emanating from the place.The business is now extended on to the Government and Neighbourhood Democratic Council Reserves, and we fear that: (1) if we were to do the same with our properties, the authorities would swoop down on us and break our bridges and any immovable structures. (2) If it rains and our drains are blocked, there would be poor drainage and irrigation, which would result in flooding, and (3) The NDC is duty bound to ensure that all provisions and taxes are paid up.Also, there are a lot of shady characters at this business place, and many times patrons complain of being robbed and the blame is heaped on our community. We do not understand why the Police would not ensure that all the laws are followed, and why they do not maintain surveillance of the area.Interestingly, one of our residents who is employed at the Guyana Revenue Authority reported that the business was ordered closed, or at least the sports bar and lounge on the lower flat, because of issues with their licences; but it remains open, blasting its music into the wee hours of the morning.Something must be done about this situation. We need our rest too. We need to feel safe, and our elderly folk also need to be rescued from the noise and confusion that takes place there at wee hours in the morning.Concerned residentsMon Repos/TriumphCommunitylast_img