Deepavali is all embracing – Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha

first_imgFestivals are an integral part of Hinduism. Each festival is associated with several legends and Hndu scripture. Deepavali is primarily Lakshmi puja, when homage is paid to the Goddess Maha Lakshmi whom the Vedas describe as the eternal source of fortune and abundance. The intention in Lakshmi Pua is not merely to seek material benefits, but equally spiritual exaltation. We must worship Lakshmi Ma to strengthen our spiritual power, which will make us triumph against all obstacles. Negative actions are the road to ruin. A wise and intelligent approach will bear the fruit of eternal success.Deepavali in its many dimensions addresses questions which are not only philosophical, but also economical and social. Deepavali as such, is all embracing in its significance. Socially not only is the whole family involved in its observance, but rather the entire community participates in a spirit of visible cordiality and joy, illustrating the refreshing content of the festival. Deepavali is celebrated close to the gravest and at a time when historically the commercial community closed their books and opened new accounts.Apart from these facets, Deepavali threatens darkness in all its names and forms and influences the emergence of an illuminate society in which there exists understanding, respect, love and cordiality. Societies are built and sustained on foundations such as these. Deepavali serves to rekindle hope and expectation, and influence society in a positive direction. It revitalises and renews the spirit of optimism from which a new beginning can be constructed, based on equity and noble intentions.Observed on Amawasya (New moon – the darkest night or the 15th day of the Hindu month of Kartik), the word Deepavali literally means a cluster of lights. The festival is deeper in significance than the word suggests.It is our fervent hope that love and fraternity which permeate this lovely festival can be nurtured and developed, to extend beyond the festive five-day period which concludes on November 1, with Bhai Dhuj and imposes a lasting influence on minds and hearts.Deepavali ka shubh kamnayea, a Happy Deepavali.last_img