Three Ways to Make Your Email Less Stressful

first_imgIt’s helpful because you don’t want to wake them up at night if they DO have alerts on their phone.  But you also don’t want to leave the email in your drafts folder and forget about it. 2.  Turn off email alerts on your phone.  Hearing all those dings can interrupt your workflow and stress you out.  So instead, just check your inbox regularly.  Ideally, once every 45 minutes. 1.  Always delete or file away emails once you’ve read them.  You don’t want an inbox where half the emails are read, and have are unread.  It should just be unread emails. Studies have shown we’re less stressed out when we’ve got a good handle on our work emails.  So here are three tips from an expert to make your inbox less of a hassle . . . You might have to download an extension to do it.  The most popular one that works with Gmail and Outlook is called Boomerang. One of the top distractions for people at work is their email . . . reading them, responding to them, and even just sifting through them to find stuff. 3.  Start using the “delay send” function.  Meaning you write an email, then schedule it to be sent later.  That way you don’t have to worry about emailing people outside of work hours.last_img