Business customers can not favour one more than another

store customer once more, many people will be confused, inevitably when the oversight, which is often easy to offend customers. This is not, after nearly a week of haze weather, finally ushered in a sunny day, the store’s business or up. At ten in the morning, the shop came in front and back of the foot of the customer of the four.

one of these customers is something I’ve never seen before. He’s a well-dressed man, a clean, clean, and wearing a pair of gold rimmed glasses. The rest are familiar old customers. I warmly and that several familiar greeting, one of them is my old neighbor Aunt Liu, almost every day she is at this point to buy food, and Liu Dama home to many people, every time she had to buy some vegetables.

but there was a problem with Aunt Liu, is too picky, each choose dishes, she always leaves what people do not pay attention while grilled, put me on the shelf to get out of order some dishes, such as lettuce, lettuce leaves vegetables by the toss, she will break a lot of damage, so aunt Liu selected dishes when I was staring at her closely.

fortunately, the three customers are my store old customers, they often buy goods on their own basically know the location of the display, also know the prices of goods, therefore, choose a dish in Aunt Liu at the same time, they took their goods they need, have money left. I glanced at the "strange" male customers, I see he is at the door of the shop smoke cabinet near the stop and wait, and not that I mean in the past.

when Aunt Liu bought vegetables, I sent her out of the door, found the "strange" male customers don’t know at what time has left. About more than and 10 minutes later, I inadvertently looked up and saw the "strange" male customer walked out from the opposite side of the supermarket, still holding the two "X" smoke. Suddenly, my heart unspeakable regret, just recall that male customers in my shop at the scene, I think, is just not my passion and timely reception, ignoring the customer, just let almost hand business has gone.

this lesson let me understand that the reception of customers have a lot of knowledge.

shop knows that in the course of business in the shop, the shop is tourists will change at any time, sometimes not a customer, sometimes will suddenly come in the store a lot of customers need to receive, have often come to the store customers, these customers, there is also the first to the store the "new faces", and stores the number of employees is limited, when customers shop more, will lead to let customers waiting for the situation.

if the clerk at the reception when received more familiar favour one more than another, the old customers warmly greet and care more frequently, but for the first time to the store.