What are the purchase channels clothing store


is the first venture, you can start your own business from the garment industry, because the clothing industry is easier than to start, to do business with friends, you can choose to open a clothing store, a huge market demand, to provide a very good development. However, if you open a clothing store, there are a lot of problems need attention, including the purchase problem, but also everyone’s attention. Find a good channel, can also reduce a lot of trouble. So, open a clothing store which purchase channels.

wholesale market purchase

wholesale purchase may be cheaper, if you are a business with a small capital large wholesale market, and the distance from the more recent, from the purchase channels on the possession of certain advantages, in terms of volume, the number of stock is flexible. Because in the wholesale market to buy, there is a strong bargaining space, the wholesale price can be reduced to the lowest, while wholesalers can establish good relations of cooperation.

friends purchasing

for example, if you have relatives or friends in Hongkong or abroad, you can help them into some of the domestic market can not see the goods, or some of the lower prices of goods. If you are in such a place in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and even can do a pass, go out of Hongkong, Macao.

direct purchase from manufacturers

manufacturers purchase is a common channel, to manufacturers, can get a lower purchase price, but a purchase amount will usually be more demanding, increased business risk. If it is to know the work of friends in the factory, or directly to their work in the factory, so there is no problem with the purchase. Direct purchase of goods from the factory owner can be in the form of stores to operate, thereby enhancing the level of professionalism of their stores.

buy inventory or disposal of products

because of rush to deal with, the price for this commodity is usually very low, if you have enough bargaining ability, can use a very low price to eat, the use of geographical or temporal differences in enough profit. So, you have to go around the market, pay close attention to market changes.

in fact, no matter what the industry, there are ways of operating it, if you don’t know how to run it, I hope the above content is to help everyone, start the clothing store, in the time of purchase, must have some regular purchase channels, to ensure quality clothes, to enhance their competitiveness in the on the market. After reading the above on the opening of a clothing store which purchase channels after the detailed introduction, I believe we all understand this issue.

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