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everyone has to learn financial management, can make money money money to live a happy life. Financial times, women how to learn how to manage it, let us look at the following bar!

once a year the women’s day coming up, some women are going to burst into the shopping mall "shopping" to dress up, some women are going to full of exotic restaurant a sinseong hoe, some are about 35 friends to KTV to ease the pressure……

20? 30: rational consumption of "grain"

"women in this age group should stabilize their savings rate, establish a good habit of saving, reasonable expenses." A financial planner pointed out that the full use of bank cards, electronic banking management and electronic accounting software, it can be avoided to some extent the undesirable habits of discretionary spending. In addition, installment savings deposit function, bank fixed regular open-end fund, and the daily interest money market funds, no fixed term financial products, can achieve their savings plan.

30? 40: let the asset fly up

this period of female investors, has a certain marry and settle down, and then, how to make savings, asset value, family assets escort, often become the key task. Financial planner suggested that in the current era of negative interest rates, female investors in stocks to increase investment at the same time, the foundation can select the configuration of bonds, banks and other financial products more robust financial products to make good fortune "Pyramid".

"during this period in a couple of mutual insurance at the same time, the choice of some securities investment products." Bank of Communications (5.72,0.05,0.88%) financial analyst Li Ji said. He pointed out that since women retire earlier than men,