Do business to be able to adhere to the four no

is also doing business as we behave like some things to do, some things can not be done, my heart needs a steelyard, firmly cannot do, this will help for business development. In the daily operation, the retailer not to offend the customers and suppliers, as long as there is demand, as far as possible to the requirements of customers, or even unreasonable requirements, also reluctantly agreed, I think there should be some business minded, damage store interests, refused to say "no requirements". I shop for more than ten years, often encounter this business in the event of a dozen. Summarize a few for everyone to learn together.

"no" to recover the flow of cigarettes

shops often encounter their own customers holding foreign cigarettes to the store to exchange your love requirements of pumping brand, and the customer directly said cash, encountered such a situation, you must refuse to say: "do not let them discourage such idea, next time don’t come and ask for cigarette business.

a few days ago, there is a strange customer into the store, I saw him holding a black bag, and then into a shop and asked: "do you recycle gift cigarettes here? I have two foreign cigarettes here, I would like to cash, cheap to you?" I didn’t even look at it, and said, "I’m sorry, I don’t buy any foreign cigarettes here. I only sell my own cigarettes." Go away without a word.

A cheap

some shopkeepers tempted, thought than tobacco supply price is cheap, but also earn money. There are some old customers, relatives to send cigarettes, not accustomed to smoking or high priced cigarettes reluctant to smoke, want to change the local low priced cigarettes. With this situation, I will be refused, tell him the truth: "cigarette is a code, not just the acquisition of foreign cigarettes, tobacco monopoly if it is found that not only has confiscated fines, serious criminal responsibility and pay, since relatives sent a piece of mind, don’t waste people. You will smoke."

as long as I listen to such an explanation, generally also embarrassed to change, do not offend the old customers. So no matter what kind of situation, do not accept the return of cigarettes, so that consumers to dispel the idea. The gift of cigarettes has some risk, because the gift of cigarette in the presence of quality problems, although lower than the market price, can be sold if it is fake cigarettes, certainly affect store reputation, once to buy counterfeit cigarettes, will lose a customer source, finally establish the good faith, will be swept away. Therefore, the market can not refuse the return of cigarettes.

does not sell fake and shoddy goods

often have unscrupulous suppliers, counterfeit brand-name, the sale of fake and shoddy. Is the Yili milk, fake "Yili" packaging, the milk is not the same, to the consumer is the feeling of a >