Encouraging college students to start their own business should be a concept rather than an indicato

for the corresponding Ministry of education, this year, China’s colleges and universities will be in accordance with the views of the central government to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship education, and the creation of specialized courses, in order to better help the majority of college students embark on entrepreneurship. However, some people questioned the practice.

as prime minister Li Keqiang stressed in the study at Jilin University, "the first is to study". Entrepreneurship requires a solid foundation, that is, professional knowledge and professional skills. The University for four years in an instant, if the excessive pursuit of college students entrepreneurship, even abandoned their studies, stay in the lower level of entrepreneurship, not as a source of water,?

some deputies and members said that Hubei’s greatest resource is human resources, is the largest potential innovation potential. But specific to college students innovation and entrepreneurship, the protagonist is a graduate, rather than students. This should not be the studying in the classroom, the students in the laboratory directly into the sea, can be considered to open "entrepreneurial university", take the theory and practice of "double Tutor tutor tutor" system, allowing students to develop entrepreneurial ideas, establish entrepreneurial thinking, accept entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship case deep reading. As the sparks of fire during the period of school sow entrepreneurship, once the fire, do not worry about after graduation liaoyuanzhishi.

the government work report, to make innovation and entrepreneurship has become a value of the whole society, the pursuit of a way of life, a spirit of the times. However, the enterprise should to the market allocation of resources is the premise of excessive administrative thinking and mandatory measures, make quick, impetuous superficial "index of competition", is not worth promoting.

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