How to select partners

is one of three men to help, so entrepreneurship. The importance of teamwork is self-evident, to find a suitable partner is not easy to start, a lot of time, but the partnership will be a bad partner. How to choose a partner?

for a partner of the entrepreneurial team, the most important thing is to have passion. For example, Lei began to do millet mobile phone has been nearly 40 years, he formed a team from Google, Microsoft, Kingsoft, Motorola and other leading enterprises of the elite team. The entrepreneurial team buddy, is full of passion and inspiration in Lei Jun, intelligent mobile phone market in the Red Sea, want to succeed in business models and cannot do without money, but if there is no such entrepreneurial passion, Lei Jun is also very difficult to attract a number of already have a large coffee heart will achieve success and win recognition into the enterprise, and in a short span of 5 years will be $45 billion valuation of millet.

in addition to passion, professional, cooperation between the partners also need skills. An innovative team of partners to 2-4 good people, and these people must fully reflect the complementary advantages. For example, Ma himself does not understand the technology, but the 17 people who follow him, but there is no lack of technical experts, market players, operating master, which is complementary to the Alibaba team partners. Ma Yun excels is the leader of his temperament, has the unique mode of thinking, to make decision and enterprise layout rich strategic vision, and have excellent language ability and communication ability, can get around all kinds of fans with the support of talents and resources. It can be said that it is the other partners in the professional and complementary capabilities, Ma Yun’s strengths can be fully reflected.