After 80 college students choose to create their own farm dream

is another year of graduation season, and now there are already a large number of graduates began to work. Now looks like the road of entrepreneurship is very broad, people have a lot of choices, but the reality is not the case. Choose your own dream, you will be willing to give up the outside world, to build their own ideal paradise? He did it.

the boy dreaming is sometimes full of rain, in 2012 graduated from the Career Technical College of agriculture in Changji. Major animal disease prevention and quarantine after graduation he enrolled in the Kashi animal quarantine prevention career, but he gave up the eyes of others "a secure job", went back to his hometown in Shanshan, run from the farm. Who didn’t understand him at first such behavior, parents: hard to cultivate your college, have a stable job not to do, but to do the farmers do. What is it that you want? The students do not understand, can’t get jobs, entrepreneurship and no experience…… Shake the stubborn temper he was not born, but more determined his pursuit, "I’m just going to the farm up!"

2013 in June, he gave up the farm now, to seven grams of Tai Zhen Tai Zi Cun, where he rigged the funds raised 10 yuan, bought a chicken coop, the integration of automatic heating thermostatic equipment, professional disinfection equipment and ventilation facilities. Because can not afford to hire workers, all equipment installed on their own, slowly from a layman to famous expert of chicken growth.

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