How to do the exhibition activities to attract people’s attention

is now all over the world every year will hold some different events large and small, held at the same time, the goal is for the profit of investment, so, in the process of the event, how to attract people’s attention?

show how compelling? Whether at home is also on the international exhibition, can be said to be the same industry competition is the strength of their own company and product The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, the exhibition is all kinds of tricks, and the purpose is to attract the eye, causing everyone’s attention, better introduce myself. But, many companies have done a lot of work, spent a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, but with little success. I have done according to their own experience to do a good job of some of the company’s practice, we hope to help a bit.

A, booth, display, air: this we do not have my explanation should be very clear. I do not think that there is no great economic strength is not willing to invest so much. Another problem is that if the booth is very large, but the content and display of things filled up, it looks rather small big hats, the effects are often not up to the expected effect, low spending.

two, PR: beauty belongs to the same generous. But I think the relevant departments should pay attention to the point that those who came to watch, is not a lot of people’s attention is on the beautiful body instead of your company and products to them? Please a model, how much is it?

three gifts: many companies use love to send a small gift this trick, or beautiful or practical, often attracted many participants of the eyes, often attracted a lot of people come to receive gifts, do not know if you have not found, many people received a gift away, for your company and products. See no see, or a


four, making more and more exquisite and expensive brochure: in the production of samples on the album, the exhibitors should painstakingly, often change the sample version, to improve the grade. In the exhibition, we can see that almost all the participants with data packages, some people simply throw.

the introduction of his own company, the main business enterprise, business philosophy, successful case, product introduction, made into the form of multimedia, compressed to 5 minutes or so, it has great power, can certainly 100 attract attention of the participants. In addition, you can also make the size of the famous film, electronic business card issued in the exhibition, the effect is also very good.

held in the whole exhibition, in fact, the end goal is recommended