U.S. mission was accused of opening the black workshop unlicensed operation more than a month to con

CNR network news (reporter Ren Mengyan) according to the China voice of "news" reported that more than a decade ago, people have made the Internet survival test, the challenge to survive long only by Internet ordering. Now, the Internet ordering platform such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, the problem also followed, black workshop do not have the relevant license through the Internet ordering, stately to put on you my table.

takeaway platform for businesses, the food service license is essential. Not long ago, Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee investigation of the 9 Platform takeaway 100 restaurants, found that more than 80% restaurant license does not match with the actual.

according to the audience report, a U.S. subsidiary flying fresh, this is fresh, fresh and fresh, without any license under the condition of the production and sale of food in the restaurant, currently has 25 stores in Beijing, the average monthly sales of each store, ranging from more than and 600 to more than more than 1 thousand single single. Whistleblower said, on the surface, outside the sky flying independent operation, is the United States to take out of the group to join the company, but the reporter found that this is likely to be the United States takeaway operation of the company.

whistleblower Zhang Xueqin (a pseudonym) told reporters that the flying fresh in the absence of "catering service license" situation, engaged in the catering services by the United States Mission takeaway platform: "flying fresh is the United States Mission of manipulation, such a thing like a dumpling beauty company. Not standardized, it is a black workshop! Its own baked chicken wings, grilled chicken wings hanging Zhengda brand, is the wings, is big, but it is also called roasted."

A video on

provided by Zhang Xueqin can be seen in the wings, the staff will be sealed superscript baked "plastic film flying fresh", then put up "Zhengda new wings" label. Zhang Xueqin said that the new wing is fresh online is flying in its outer, video, roast chicken wings is raw chicken yards to the foil, lit all the oven. Sticking out of the sky to fly a fresh film is undeniable.

at present, "Zhengda new wings" is from the site of the next frame, together came down, and the "Zhengda pig", Zhang Xueqin said, raw material is group produced frozen dumplings. From Zhang Xueqin to produce the video can be seen, the staff will be put into the buns plastic boxes, put on plastic molding machine, placed beside the pig bag bag is.

in addition to these two shelf products, Zhang Xueqin said, in addition to the outside of the sky to fly in addition to their own food and beverage service license, is currently selling products, but also did not pass the production and operation license – that is, QS or SC certification.

all engaged in the catering industry should have a formal license, including health permits, business licenses, fire permits, all not. Food circulation license, QS certification of goods.

reporter by U.S. purchased flying fresh sales of two products: simmer crisp rice and small U eggplant and pork rice, in product packaging, marked "Beijing Kuaijie >