QQ Beta version of the nternet service to the majority of open application testing

February 21st news: today Discuz! Prior to the announcement, this part of the cooperation community for testing in the QQ Connect service, after more than three months of tension test, finally can test the webmaster to open Beta! QQ Internet now includes QQ account login, QQ space sharing, synchronous synchronous sharing service of micro-blog Tencent, according to Discuz! Statistics, three months prior to the test time, invited the community in line with QQ Connect, registered average daily volume of more than 40%. A total of 91 owners participated in the QQ interconnection test, and listened to the use of more than 4000 final QQ user experience, product improvement, feedback bug, 178 recommendations; a total of more than 1 million 300 thousand users through the QQ account registration, login to the test sites, each site on the registered user growth of 37% on average, users share the per capita share of 1.4 messages, each share of users pay 1.1, QQ daily account unbundling rate is less than 0.3%.

after three months of testing, the service is currently stable, began to have a certain technical ability, no access to the other third party account login system, and actively cooperate with the opening of the application site. The application will be submitted to the audit results will be submitted within two weeks after the reply, through the audit of the webmaster will have a special contact QQ online service on the follow-up.

at this stage to apply for testing QQ Internet services, but also need to meet the following 3 prerequisites:

cited content:

1 website content positive health, no yellow, reactionary, violence and other violations of the relevant laws and regulations of the country

2 site for nearly 1 months, the average daily posting in the post of more than 3000 / day, and Alexa global ranking in less than 300 thousand

3 site using Discuz! X1.5 [R20110121] version or Discuz! 7.2 [20101020] version of the program

QQ Internet service provides QQ users to share and share information to help you webmaster webmaster, the rapid development of their own site, if the site has the following acts of destruction of this platform will immediately terminate the QQ Internet service site.

below for the reference:

              any QQ login to the user for QQ password behavior;

in the case of the user is not familiar with the use of non normal means to obtain malicious or fake user QQ information;

to other sites to provide site QQ Internet site to identify Key, or with other sites common to identify a Key;


using a variety of hacking sniffer >