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station network (www.admin5.com) May 30th news, recently, the industry suddenly heard one of the original starting point Chinese founder has resigned from the grand literary Luo Li, due to report suspected violations of the economic interests of the grand old club was detained by police. It also makes the network literary arena because starting point of the founding team collective home and away team to foment unrest, and industry changes caused many speculation.

at the beginning of March this year, starting point Chinese network founding team collective resignation, the founding team "and Wu Wenhui as the representative of the management of the outside world have rumors of royal literature with Hou Xiaoqiang as the representative of the water and oil difficult", eventually lead to part company each going his own way. After that, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and other companies to extend an olive branch to the team. Now, the team is sure to select in the mobile Internet to grab tickets and entertainment in the pan high-profile layout of Tencent. Tencent literature director Zhang Rong said, the Tencent hopes to ensure the whole literature of internal resources, and the pan entertainment strategy based on the value of extension resources will be available for games, film and television, listen to the radio, etc., and adapted for the stage, the future of literature is not limited to the Tencent’s own development, will carry out mergers and acquisitions, penetrated into different fields.

but anyway, for the original start of the Chinese network team was investigated. How much has an impact on Tencent. Earlier news came out, Tencent will restructure its literary business layout, and the departure of the Chinese network will become the team’s important piece of the layout of the pawn. At present, the Tencent has QQ bookstore, QQ reading, QQ reading and reading the original starting point, will set up a company called the founding team creation Chinese web site, and then expand the depth of cooperation and Tencent literature, solely responsible for the Tencent operations (male male frequency frequency is mainly for male users of content operations, including fantasy, game sports theme). However, the incident was investigated to make the creation of the Chinese net Luo cast a shadow on the line. In addition to Luo Li, the original starting point of the team is likely to have other people will also be investigated, the event specific to the layout of the literature on how much of the Tencent, it remains to be seen.


is built by Chinese net primary starting point of entrepreneurship and the creation of Chinese network backbone team today officially launched, will adhere to the website based on the platform of writing writer since excavation, support, training content creation mode. At the meeting, the creation of Chinese network announced a strategic cooperation with Tencent.

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