New start of network marketing

access to computers and networks is more than a decade ago. At that time, he was still in the senior school, the popularity of computers in schools, typing and WPS training, a simple explanation of the DOS command. Many students are very afraid of DOS, I was the best.

all this stems from the interest, I love me all kinds of tools and equipment from. Chemistry course in junior high school. Later on the computer and the network of knowledge are self-learning.

installed the software installed to the computer problems do not have computer technicians all the way from the city into computer (although door-to-door service, before their hard carry over, so heavy!). Just like those who can do a few good things, not to make themselves a chef.

Internet era, the domestic and international trade on the e-commerce platform. For me it’s not just fun, it’s more important to create wealth.

due to family economic reasons, I have always been not longchaoren. College English is a professional, I haven’t bought a radio, but after graduation to buy a few units, but with the listening to music! So in the computer and the Internet, until last year bought the first computer, bought the first laptop this year, the economic benefits of the type. But after their own training run well. The most important thing is that I have earned my money back. Now it seems that these investment but is fishing bait, very


before the international trade by letters and faxes, and now is the era of e-commerce, to make good use of the Internet and network marketing. With the same chemical (, for example, the company was founded in July 1, 2008, within a week to build a website platform and network promotion. Now the PR value is 3, is mainly made of SEO and B2B, without the use of other means, the effect is good. More important is that the company has brought a 600 thousand yuan orders and more than a dozen potential customers.