Grassroots boss how to impress investors

      "I hope to get from the grass, sun and rain, speak in a straightforward team of Investment Forum:" our manufacturing industry, private enterprises need funds. We are hungry, your money is full of han. I do not know starving eat chinese. I know it’s not good to eat too much. Why don’t you give us some?"

      a few words of truth. Lifan executives say, the boss is not the grassroots? Which private enterprises do not need capital? Thus, in the middle of 600 investors and private business owners bubble after 2 days, I would like to share with you and grassroots bosses: Grassroots boss how to impress investors?

      the vote should not vote, how investors choose?

      financing difficulty of private enterprises is the world difficult problem. Bank lending to the people said: "we just icing on the cake, not timely assistance." So the risk investors seem to have become the real timely assistance of people. How about this charcoal? Many employers are most interested in the question is: VC (venture capital) in the end how to decide whether an enterprise should not vote.

      general contact with dozens of VC words, investors have the most fancy three points: 1, the industry market, business model 3, entrepreneurs and executive team.

      the project where the industry is probably the first investor to obtain information, it is also the first to the project sentenced to death, is a prerequisite. Most professional investors have their own areas". If you do not meet the conditions immediately sentenced to death. For example, investors judge: energy projects, do not do. Textile items, do not. Medical projects, do not do. Real estate projects, see… Many consultants claimed to know hundreds of investors and everywhere nets. But the good guys get the business plan and know which investor might be interested in the project, which should be given to Deng Feng or to Chen Fan". So investors also suggest enterprises to find the real knowledgeable investment adviser. It is best to be introduced, even if the investor’s friend. Entrepreneurs also have their own Sike, basically little effect."

      business model is the core content of investor concern. Take out the business project I not to generalize, cover and contain everything, here alone tell me how to express your business plan. Don’t let the shark fin in the eyes of investors become fans.

      abandon contact with investors a long and minute statement: the majority of grassroots boss have a feeling: investors are very impatient. Yes, there are hundreds of business plans at the same time in front of investors, he did not have time to see. Enterprise >