The nternet how to boost the catch demon are hot box office

[Abstract] from the investment, promotion, distribution to all aspects of ticketing, the traditional film industry’s dependence on the Internet is also deepening.


yet more than half of the summer, the domestic film market will produce a stunning achievement. Last week is undoubtedly the mainland film market in the history of the most crazy week: single day box office 435 million, setting a new record China single day box office film market; up to 1 billion 761 million weeks at the box office, breaking the mainland film market weekly box office record.


", "catch demon man", "the return of the pancake" is to promote this summer at the box office of the main force, especially the "catch" yesterday, the cumulative box office has exceeded 1 billion, the industry predicted the weekend will break the "embarrassed" Thailand had a record of the highest grossing film of mainland record.

cannot do without the domestic movie box office hit film quality and enhance the level of consumption, but can not be ignored is that the Internet is for the film industry development and growth at the box office more and more important role. From the investment, publicity, distribution to all aspects of ticketing, the traditional film industry’s dependence on the Internet is also deepening.

film investment: Internet Co incoming

2014, the Internet Co and the major domestic video website has taken the first step into the film market, Iqiyi pictures, pictures, video, Ali pictures Tencent quickly become the industry can not be ignored in the new force, Bona film president in the winter and even make the film company’s future will BAT work "judgment, to subvert the Internet the traditional film industry voice Sheng clamor.

Internet Co to invest in the film to be released in theaters, to accept the market test. However, this cross is not easy, in fact, last year, the video site to participate in the investment or movie is "old boy" and other more successful cases, also has the "golden age" and "one step" such as the case of Waterloo suffered at the box office.

after the initial test of water last year, Internet Co is trying to make more use of its own advantages and the Chinese film industry run in, upgrade mode and play. From the functional point of view, the role of video website no longer meet the propaganda issued or CO produced investment, more control requirements but, from project incubation, project, investment, production to distribution of the depth of participation.

although the development of the film industry already cannot do without the Internet, but as the film inside field Studio Entertainment crown products on originality, creativity, capital intensive, the whole chain operation ability requirement is very high, the investment risk is quite high." Tencent Inc vice president Sun Zhonghuai has announced that the video Tencent will adhere to openness and cooperation, with full operational capability platform for partners to the one and only, reduce the risk and increase profitability, to a good movie project to effect of doubling, double the value and influence of double role.

recently hit the "mind" is the catch demon video and depth in the investment Tencent. >