2016 network security threats ultra PC into the number one target

foreign media Fast Company reported that the network on the issue, people’s defense awareness is still very weak. Micro, vice president of network security, said: "people are accustomed to live online, which is a good thing, but they are hackers completely, relentlessly, vigorously use of the Focus." In addition, the government and enterprises are also.

antivirus software vendors avast coo Ond EJ? Vl? EK said, 2016 Internet security threats will produce or growth, especially the public need to pay attention to the following aspects: software for intelligent mobile phone extortion attacks, hijacking data or equipment, and television network intelligent appliance system data leakage.

phone or will replace PC to become the number one target

Vl EK said: "in fact, look at how bad people from traditional viruses, Windows or Mac malware desktop environment is transferred to the mobile environment is also an interesting thing." Mobile malware is evolving from a broken and theoretical level to a stretch, especially in Apple’s iOS operating system.

for example, Apple has opened a project that allows companies to create applications for employees, without having to go through App Store. And those programs that steal or forge digital files are called certificates, which are used to indicate that the application is from a trusted source, so it is easier to implant malicious software into the device. Silicon Valley security company scan Palo Alto intelligence director Ryan Olson said that the crisis has existed for several years, in 2015 the outbreak of large-scale malware WireLurker is only the first time the vulnerability was exploited by the Networks.

in addition, hackers are also on a variety of platforms to cheat smartphone users. For example, Vl EK pointed out that hackers will usually be able to spread the game on the site to unlock the link to the game, and then when the user clicks, in fact, is the beginning of the download process.

ransomware will lock more valuable data

browse security headlines from 2014 to 2015 found that cases of extortion software increased significantly, including CryptoWall and CryptoLocker. Extortion software is a form of malware invasion of PC and Mac devices, such as through the binding of false attachments or links to affect the page, the threat of equipment to the user or to give other benefits to their remittances to stop the attack. Olson said, like other malicious software, such software from the desktop to the mobile terminal. The first shift is SimpleLocker, the software began to spread to Android devices in 2014.

is different from other malicious software, extortion software does not destroy or steal data, but forced to encrypt the data, and then to the victims of the user to pay the request. Olson said that this means more than the number of stolen credit card