Net net action is obvious Nora, WeChat suspected of obscene information fined

read: anti pornography office bulletin 10 cases: tea shop selling book "prostitution seed network pornography" the national pornography Office informed of 10 cases a number of novel pornography sites have been investigated in addition to continue our "grass root man" thunder cloud seeding is under the influence of the anti pornography office: suspected of spreading pornographic information shall stop its business related to pornography? Cang teacher hold on! Actress male superior than Japan micro-blog "disappear" street, are you afraid of pornography? The national anti pornography office bulletin 8 typical cases of several literary fiction sites list secret Nora shut down the server Reason: because the government is to carry out the "anti pornography · net pornography special inspection further carry out thorough investigation of blasting anchored information refused to rectification will shut the station" anti pornography – net 2014 "6 hot issues the interpretation of the" anti pornography "special action 18 central media websites promised to resist pornographic information pornography net net 2014 special action network literature literature several turbulence station maintenance to rectify the national pornography office investigated 198 pornographic information website of the national anti pornography office announced 2012 piracy ten cases nationwide pornography" Office released a number of illegal sites