Public comment combat sharing how to show big data small screen

domestic mobile Internet development momentum is strong, the study of specific business cases, will be able to practitioners and people involved in this field to a certain reference. Tencent technology thus visited many struggle in the first line of entrepreneurs, launched the "mobile Internet business field guide" series of articles, try to speak less about the theory, practice. This paper is divided into sixteenth parts: the application of local life service.


Jiang Yueping, vice president of

public comment (Tencent technology plan)

when the mobile phone end of the public comment brought traffic over the web, the number of mobile phone terminal using coupon proportion has reached 75%, the end of the page down to 25%, the company for the mobile terminal product planning has been quietly conducted.

in an interview with vice president of public comment Jiang Yue peacetime, he said, the public comment has been done in the development and testing of some new applications. As for the group will not be made into a separate application, the site side of some of the content, such as the list and Raiders ported to the mobile terminal to make information type applications, which are considered in the public comment. Jiang Yueping in 2010 to join the public comment network, currently in charge of products and operations.

is an independent App is often faced with a challenge, the main consideration is the ability to meet the needs of mainstream users rigid, which is Jiang Yueping’s answer. Grasp the mass of local life information data of the public comment, in each of the new planning considerations, are extremely cautious.

, for example, the local merchant information is the most important source of information, but the discount can not be used as the first factor to determine the impact of consumer spending, the user first considered in the consumer business is good or not. In the face of little difference in the quality of the business, the discount will be used as the main basis for choice. So, we did not take out the coupons alone. This is why some of the concessions can be a short time App fire up, but it is difficult to maintain long-term reasons." Jiang Yueping believes that preferential features can not be separated from the platform has a large local merchant information.

mobile terminal design: how to show big data on a small screen

according to the data provided by the public comment, as of the first quarter of 2012, the number of independent mobile users more than 24 million. Website and mobile client’s monthly integrated views of more than 800 million, the current mobile client browser has exceeded the site.

public comment mobile terminal is the most commonly used three functions: nearby, search and buy function. Users use the end product is a certain number of plans, the use of mobile terminal is more random and real-time, therefore, the design of the mobile terminal product features to ensure that light, reducing the use of steps." Jiang Yueping shared this is like a mobile product design but to fully implement the golden laws and precious rules, at the product level, but still a test of the whole team.

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