Godaddy domain name registration risk analysis of foreign service providers safer than domestic

according to the Southern Metropolis Daily reported, because domestic well-known movie database time network was related to finally have the answer, time closing the gateway is reported to be associated with jurisprudence, all staff said, million net is notified of the Beijing communications administration, said the time network "spread pornographic, obscene, and stop the analysis of the domain name, the staff also said that the notice did not clear the analytical recovery period," if you want to restore, must find the Beijing communications administration or ministry."

in October 15, 2010, because the stopped time network analysis on the domain name of the domain name provider network and are forced to close, the state of the domain by the query shown as "ClientHold" (pause analysis), lead time is still unable to access the network.

here involves a problem, that is, the use of foreign domain name registrar Godaddy domain name registration can not avoid this ClientHold risk. As we know, buy Godaddy domain name is can avoid the cumbersome name audit mechanism, regulators cannot by the domain name registration business management, can only find web hosting service providers to manage, it can avoid the long time break the site from a certain extent, the site administrator can handle the need to delete the content in a short period of time. But some people are worried that the Godaddy registered the domain name can not record, with the national management domain name system requirements violate, regulators will for the normal operation of the domestic market is not disturbed and domain name system, shielding the Godaddy server, to prevent the development of Godaddy in china.

seems to me that this is unlikely, Godaddy is ranked first in the global domain name registration services, the global market share of 18%, if blocked Godaddy, a direct result of the global 1/5 can not access the site, causing the pressure of public opinion, the relevant regulatory authorities may not consider not interested.

in addition, according to my observation, the number of the DNS server Godaddy is very large, if the shield DNS server, it is inevitable there will be slip through the net, a DNS server is blocked, can be replaced by another DNS server, or even more, we can set the use of third party DNS servers, such as ZoneEdit, DNSPod etc. unless you can use a means of shielding all foreign DNS server or DNS server without shielding basically what the feasibility.

so shielding all overseas servers is feasible? If so, basically all foreign websites are not accessible, equal to the self built a LAN, this possibility is very low.

at present, major domestic portals, such as domain name service provider Baidu, NetEase, Sohu are used abroad for domain management, it also shows that the foreign domain name server stability and reliability is better than domestic, although there have been Baidu domain name is black case, but all.