Phpwind account V1.1 released micro-blog, QQ, Taobao account login

              webmaster network May 25th news, in May 24th phpwind released account through V1.1 version. Is the original account through community micro-blog solutions application upgrade (the original micro-blog community:, in addition to the original Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog account login, data synchronization, also implemented the QQ account, Taobao account login phpwind site, while reducing the threshold for the phpwind user login community site to bring more users and content.

account function description

1 Sina micro-blog account login, QQ account login, Taobao account login

2 Sina micro-blog data bidirectional synchronization

3 supports binding between accounts

official demo

phpwind official experience station

phpwind official forum

when the site after the application is adopted, the front desk users can use > > >


personal account under the account settings, easy to bind between accounts, you can always remove binding > > >


site background can be very intuitive view of the user registration login information > > >


set the login window of the login sequence > > >


is very convenient to use

the first step to determine your site version information, download the installation package for

how to view version number

to enter the site back home page, in the lower right corner click on [phpwind] to view the version information oh ~~


second step: site installation account application

third step: go to the corresponding open platform for the application of key (Sina micro-blog, QQ login, Taobao account need to apply to the corresponding platform Oh ~)

fourth step: after >