Stationmaster net broadcast 360 acquisition of Alipay WeChat domain name war upgrade

1 nearly $360 square acquisition of the company’s acquisition of domain name  100 million;

February 2nd hearing, a recent news about 360 of the company’s dynamic domain name, is to launch an independent brand "search" in it, the use of to replace Larry 2 letter domain name, two domain name is good or bad, there are still some controversy. And tonight in the explosive news, Fang Chuan 360 company has been secretly buying 3 digital domain name, surprise news domain price up to $15 million, if coupled with the fee, 360 or so domain pay a cost of nearly 100 million yuan.

coincidentally, in 2010 Chinese reported today renamed "IT domain name is missing with Vodafone news", a domestic IT company bid for the domain name ended in failure, when the domain name by foreign companies with Vodafone, the purchase price is unknown.

2 Alibaba in the United States was the collective action: 7 firms have been involved in the  


administration of the "white paper" after the announcement, the Alibaba group on suspicion of "concealing the investigation by the regulatory authorities", was the collective action in the United States, there are 7 firms involved. Some lawyers believe that after SAIC white paper can still make evidence.

7 American firms have been involved in the investigation of

since January 27th, the official Taobao micro-blog questioned the Administration for Industry and Commerce sampling results, extensive attention has been paid to the Alibaba and the Administration for Industry and Commerce of the "play" come to an end, however, the Alibaba also face more trouble.

3 network information office: there is   serious interviews NetEase oriented and spread rumors and other issues;

February 2nd, the person in charge of the state Internet Information Office of the Business Council and the Beijing Internet Information Office, found 2014 Internet news information service units inspection issues, interviewed the NetEase responsible person.

National Internet Information Office, the relevant business bureau official pointed out that in the process of Internet news information services, there is a serious problem oriented NetEase, and the existence of illegal reprint news information, dissemination of pornographic information, spread rumors and other issues. Require NetEase in accordance with the Internet information service management approach, the Internet news information service management regulations for rectification, strengthen internal management. If the rectification does not meet the requirements, or continue to appear during the rectification of illegal behavior, will be severely punished according to law; the circumstances are serious, will stop its Internet news information services. NetEase company official said, will attach great importance to the existing problems, and effectively take effective measures for rectification, actively spread positive energy, strictly in accordance with the law to provide news and information services.

4: Ali Ma has settled with the State Administration for Industry and commerce payment service IPO   That’s final. ants conflict;