Dongsheng just 1 minutes to help you build a successful gene

is coming to the end of the year. Looking back at 2014, have you ever thought about what you’ve been doing in the past year? What did you get? This year, did you hit the soy sauce? Did you succeed?

according to my years of experience found that, in fact, most of the reasons for the failure, mainly in the following areas:

: the first had a busy little spectators, look at East, the West look, which have fun go, everywhere fall times, you work so hard in the wrong place.

second: love notes download very dry cargo.

a group of people playing the title of the party, a group of people, in curry favour by claptrap, take that, everywhere blindly follow the trend, download. The whole computer in a pile of learning materials, the whole dry cargo notes, who were almost the last, not to see, no time, do not know what to see, the eyes are spent.

third: always think, he did not pay, learn not true ability.

has a person, like to take advantage of, or no money. When you need to pay, do not give up. Reluctant to go, you have to come back, nothing more than a detour, a waste of time. As a core problem, that is, he does not pay, always feel oneself are not true, all the focus is one day in a dream to save money, adding what.

is really a thing, no reservations, he did not believe it. This blame others, get, not at ease, not something broken, but the heart did not break.

fourth: pay the money, do not make progress, that money can replace labor, lying to make money.

no money no money, no? Yes, to make money, I feel the Everything will be fine. clap your hands, moved a small bench waiting for share, not knowing that every word is finished, waiting for dry cargo, dry cargo exit.

and there’s a sick mind is thought to make money, you can have more the trick, not how hard, success would be, if can be bought, that does not have a success? To borrow money, put Gregory, also to participate in the study, anyway, can not lose. Nothing.

a lot of people do not pay the money to study hard, and I go to college, like to sleep in class, God around the class.

2014 speak too much, learn too much, very few people understand, when you have to pull, not to perform. Now the Internet is not a lack of teachers, just a person, a little understanding can open an open class, free to learn, but there are a few really learn, basically No.

success is a genetically determined, independent of external conditions, nothing to do with money. You are a successful gene, is to throw you to the countryside, you are still the first to become rich in the village, there is no Internet, you can live well.

those who are successful, basically, do not listen to it everywhere, because the lecture is extremely