2 million the seller is double pit 12 berserk

last month, when the sellers are like a raging fire for "double eleven" preparation, combined with 18 Amoy treasure business activities platform (Taobao, Tmall, mogujie.com, said the beautiful, clearly street, Hui pin fold, Amoy dream etc.) for the seller to create the first "double eleven huge investment circles in the history of the seller". It is understood that due to the platform with the awesome power of the last activity, 1 million sellers, the average conversion rate of over 6 times, reaching millions of sales.

November 18th, Bao again teamed up to several electricity supplier platform, launched the "seller Carnival", which contains twelve pit, promote the search rules of cheats, the whole network of smart shops and many other channels of tools for the seller "a double eleven, large benefits for twelve activities. The event will cover 2 million of the seller, will bring a huge upgrade for the seller from the "double eleven" clearance "to play twelve two directions. The combined activities of the initial intention to bring sellers 2000 free pit, shop service software give the value of more than 10, providing a series of system store training. And electricity supplier treasure will come up with iPhone6S, printers and other physical benefits.

The 2 million

power seller, provides the "shuangshier pit" is expected to provide 1 million orders for the seller, the highest single day sales can be accumulated to reach 100 million yuan. In addition to more than a dozen software service providers for the seller to provide a full channel "category" and "full function value" 600 thousand shop management software 10 balance, so that the seller on electricity supplier standard data store road.

official website: 12.ecbao.cn

activity time: November 18, 2015 -28