How to get out of the plight of personal website

      now the personal site is facing many problems, these problems inhibit the development of many personal websites. In addition to the door in the crackdown there are many problems, such as copyright issues, SP atrophy, plagiarism and so a lot of trouble.

      there is no way out after the personal website?

      last week saw a news, there are some of the content to write: Mr. Cai Wensheng believes that China’s Internet is still in the early stages of development, including the site, including the station, there is still some potential for development.

      laocai is a successful webmaster all know. His website has been VC’s investment. Although he was set up after the investment company, but he still likes to be called "personal webmaster". He is a good friend of all of us, and has a high reputation in the group of individuals.

      he believes that the future of the country’s personal website is reflected in the following three aspects:

      a: vertical industry site is built for a particular industry, and the industry of information, transactions and other aspects of the depth of integration and configuration of the site. Such sites do not necessarily need a huge flow, but also to achieve profitability.

      two: the community of interest, that is, there are common interests of the Internet users of the community. There are many types of interest community, such as self driving travel community, stock market forum, entrepreneurs salon, etc.. As for the source of income, advertising and offline revenue is a good choice.

      three: local characteristics of the site, especially the Internet services in the city of grade two or three, will be the focus of future development of personal websites.

      see these views, I think these new direction can effectively play the head of personal expertise, individual combat, single-minded, focused, I think it is worth a try. Now it’s almost impossible to create a legend like hao123 and 265. But focusing on a single field is promising.

      I think in addition to continuous innovation to attract more users, there is a way to enhance the value of their website. That is more cooperation with the site, of course, I am not talking about a simple single link exchange cooperation, but more in-depth cooperation (strategic cooperation).