Xinyu two network segments of the machine is forced to shut down check

3 pm, there is a response to the owners, the server is not connected to the remote connection in Shanghai, and the IDC Network of the company’s reputation also can not call the phone, and then found in the news bulletin of the new website. Nid=10000128 


the current network inspection, mainly for the following points:

1: copyright, complaints, novels, movies, videos, etc.

2: erotic entertainment forum forum, many users, in order to increase the popularity, rampant rumors, and even some spoof, nudity.

3: some illegal information shielding is not timely, interactive nature of the forum mismanagement. Become an easy place for illegal viruses, hackers, cheaters.

4: some IDC companies, not in accordance with the IDC duties to exercise registration, management. Failure to perform effective filtration and inspection of all machines.

all the information, no comment, the webmaster also need not too much comment and extension.

the priority among priorities is to cooperate with the Internet to check, do the work of archival filing and registration, also check the contents, do have value to the Internet website, website on the Internet is good.

delete interactive entertainment discussion forum. Strengthen the management of website. (commissioning editor admin03)