All Taiwan will write a large-scale nternet only for a 50 year old grassroots webmaster

mail in today’s mail: as follows:

"good teacher!

you announced the withdrawal of the Internet, I have written an article: "let people talk, the sky can not fall down," issued in the webmaster online, it is your support. In fact, in the subconscious, I still look forward to your articles continue to appear in the webmaster online, as expected, I wait.

these days, basically every day on the webmaster nets several times, in fact, also hope to be able to read your masterpiece as soon as possible. But see you today (14 days) continuous few, on the one hand, on the day of applause, for your wonderful view but at the same time, also for the following heart is not the taste of abusive with deep hatred and resentment.

webmaster network for a period of time, the feeling of the site members, mostly young people, young people now, a large part of the lack of cultural recuperation, or lack of education. Here, I want to say is, take care of yourself, do not because of some of the excesses of the impact of their own emotions, affecting their bodies. In fact, support your point of view or There are plenty of people who.

game education network Zhou Fang Yang

Mr. Zhou is a special case, he is 50 years old, son of love go, he in order to support his son to learn chess, China traveled to the mountains and rivers, the family moved, while living here for a while because there. Son love go, Mr. Zhou took office in the "go", because the newspaper’s misfortune, he left the newspaper to go up two years ago, business website. Father to son, such feelings, people with emotion, how parents, so "father", "Father also can fully deserve the best in all the land".

more difficult things happen, family were changes, I announced that, in recent years, in order to give him love cure already in debt of 160 thousand yuan, is to borrow money, this number continues to be cumulative, he just hopes love every live one day, one day. What is forever, never abandon? Young people, learn it, the true love in the world that is so


suffered from a variety of catastrophe of Mr. Zhou, still strong, he let me see his article "dream of life — I and game education network", a 50 year old man, the people of your parents, even to dream to you, these young people, why the mentality of old, abandoned the dream, only know the immediate gains and losses? Well to reflect.

actually, my age is not large and, 31 years old, Zhou Fangyang also belongs to my parents’ generation of people, but he went to come down to me as a teacher, he looked at me with the following comments in mind not the taste, I looked at Zhou Fangyang’s letter was not the taste.

what is youth


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