Baidu released direct number during the full liberalization of the application


technology news (Le Tian) September 3rd news, Baidu World Conference held today in Beijing Chinese Hotel, Baidu announced in the General Assembly launched the direct number, the traditional service industries to provide solutions to the mobile Internet transformation, direct number in September 3rd on the line synchronization, will initially take the invitation system, will be the year fully open applications. At present, there are sea fishing, good health and many other well-known enterprises Baidu access direct number".

at the general assembly, Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li talked about the recent year of mobile Internet development trends. Robin Li pointed out that the era of mobile consumer demand is to change the expression, voice and image from the input text, "the next 5 years, consumer demand for voice and image to express the ratio of more than 50%, technology will be more back to nature, human nature."

"over the past year there is a clear trend, more and more consumers through mobile search to find ‘services’. User expectations for Baidu has changed, in the mobile Internet era, the role of search engines from the past to connect people and information into a connected person and service."

Robin Li pointed out that the traditional service industry by relying on mobile stations, Native App, public numbers, buy and other means to the mobile Internet transformation, there are still many deficiencies. Baidu hopes to explore a mechanism, both to facilitate the maintenance of old customers, but also to attract a large number of new customers.

Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan announced Baidu’s solution – direct number. Li Mingyuan introduction, direct number is the traditional service enterprise mobile platform in Baidu official service account, its mobile search, @ account, map, personalized recommendation based on a variety of ways, let customers whenever and wherever possible direct business services.

Baidu said that with the mobile station, Native App, the public number compared to many marketing tools, direct numbers have wide pull new, high conversion, strong retention, easy to open, four advantages, can effectively solve the business to acquire new customers, retain old customers, improve service experience and other problems.

in acquiring new users, users can directly use the search @ merchant account service, mobile phone Baidu, Baidu map will launch the "discovery" and "near" function, can also be the merchant services directly pushed to the needs of customers, improve the efficiency of businesses to acquire new customers. Baidu direct number also has CRM management capabilities, businesses can be targeted for different customers through the CRM background.

to sea fishing, for example, by order of one hundred thousand precise matching Baidu platform of customer demand and direct services @ sea fishing, Baidu map, intelligent recommendation, direct number for sea fishing daily bring about 1500 new orders. Li Mingyuan said: direct number is like a bridge, the business services and customer needs, through the mobile Internet connection, promote the transaction, to achieve a combination of online and offline services.