How to learn the knowledge of the vast amount of information on the nternet

today, friends Wang came to me a cup of tea.

Wang said it was a wonderful, 06 years of college, when the unknown into HUAWEI, after half a year into HUAWEI overseas department, sent to Africa for four years. During the past four years, almost all over the continent, is also from HUAWEI was dug and dug back ZTE, HUAWEI, we sound very distant commercial spy, in that magical continent are everywhere, you have some internal data, or even the staff to be sent to the next list. By this you will be double digging to rival companies, Wang was digging into HUAWEI, just from the monthly salary of four thousand and five hundred, fourth years was also mixed to the annual salary of 500 thousand, with money and dreams, Pharaoh’s triumphant return.

that time although we started on the Internet, but also never heard the word Internet thinking, Wang returned to his hometown after the whole town bought three houses a car, began an aspiring young happy life returned.

Four years

Africa is almost isolated, Wang decided to continue to work, familiar with the domestic environment and a big house to sell two sets. So the IT workers well into the China Mobile work, work for half a year and was sent to the Tibet project department, then the magic from the magical continent to the magic of the Tibetan Plateau, and later met Uncle Wang bold magic, just feel this life complete.


and Pharaoh is how mature up, through the chat, he found that I have a lot of cross industry experience and entrepreneurial failure experiences, which he wanted to do something big may have some reference value, I found him to walk a lot, read a lot of books, a lot of knowledge, this to me to further explore some consulting value, also in this world, we are the same age, when encountered are all in a confused stage, so the more talk the more happy, they often drink tea together.

and I often Wang can knock out some of us look very interesting ideas, such as when we both are single, thirsty, I want to find a woman want a slip, don’t we set up a camp prostitutes, but also to make money, every day in the woman, is very happy, but I and Wang have a character, love Dazui guns.

today he came to me, I said I do from the media in the business, he would find a bunch of good public number is said to me, I probably looked really good, some articles are filled with emotion, some full of legendary dry cargo, each of the value, but I no one asked me why don’t concern, Wang attention, learn what others write, I asked, now every day you have a long time in reading the article, after reading the article can learn what, learn and use


Wang thought, said, now every day looking at yourself about a bunch of public numbers to worry about, each content is quite valuable and not the same, read it not so much time, don’t read it and think it a waste of knowledge, the look, the look, every day.