The year-end summary 2015 nternet plus ten catering events

1 2015 NPC and CPPCC, Prime Minister Internet plus "concept, encouraging the whole people; the layout of the Baidu Nuomi 20 billion; Ali injection reputation network, the reputation of the resurrection; public comment and the U.S. group merged into the group purchase or beast; drops travel cross-border shares hungry; the external selling platform to food safety hazards, the state issued a new method of food……


in 2015, with the development of NPC and CPPCC "Internet plus" concept, "Internet plus food" and "food O2O" concept of abnormal hot. Unlike in the past, this year’s food and beverage industry large-scale restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, and in this process, there is a wave of the Internet to blow on the beach, there are also many actively embrace the Internet, yinglang and Zhandexianji, leveraging the Internet tools in the industry in transition.

in the past year, what happened to the industry? What are the impact of these events on the industry?

next, let the small circle of good quiet, slowly for everyone to clear my head, to talk about this catering sector the most noteworthy 10 heavy events.

1, 2015 NPC and CPPCC, Prime Minister Internet plus "concept, encourage people business

national leaders in an important meeting on the economy has always been the speech of all businessmen, civil servants, entrepreneurs are most concerned about. This year NPC and CPPCC, Prime Minister Lee proposed "Internet plus" concept, clearly pointed out that the country for the Internet business support and expectation.

to tell you the truth, "Internet plus" is a popular vocabulary, although it seems to be just a small habit of official summary, does not have the pioneering spirit, more is encouraged and expected. But the prime minister speak up is a heavy bomb, the word through the media, just 35 days to become the most popular vocabulary, entrepreneurs opening is "Internet plus".

food and beverage industry to be developed as a big market, many big Internet cafes to finance large coffee and fancy, many have become entrepreneurs and investors in the gold industry has been hitherto unknown attention, industry restructuring wave began sweeping the country.

2, Baidu Nuomi layout

Baidu Nuomi as a buy site of the veteran, in recent years quite a bit of lukewarm taste.

June 30th, Baidu Nuomi officially released the "member +" O2O ecological strategy, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li announced that it will invest an additional 20 billion yuan to the rice business in 3 years, further expansion of rice users, improve business ecological construction, to enhance the user experience, make glutinous business breakthrough growth in the short term. This is for glutinous rice, is an opportunity, a chance to survive. The Internet industry is very difficult to see the so-called medium enterprises, this is a crucial market.

3, Ali injection reputation network, reputation resurrection