Ding Lei’s letter to the community to move closer to the potential of social O2O

see this title, probably a lot of people’s first impression is the tone of the people from the media began pointing Jiangshan mouth running train type, in fact not. Community O2O is one of my main research areas, and in community social projects have hands-on practice, although not successful, but well aware of the value and significance.

easy letter 1 anniversary of the transformation of the basis of the harvest

in the near easecredit first anniversary, Ding Lei impassioned internal speech, certainly in the past year easecredit team contribution, and part of the core data have been released, and put forward the strategic direction of new social life ".

over the past year, it is easy to believe the start of the year, although there is no shake WeChat’s market position, but at least the accumulation of a lot of the original user, may bring more basic one hundred million users for the development of the next easecredit. According to Ding Lei’s words, "now the letter is very small, very flexible, we can make a quick decision at any time, you can flexibly adjust our direction, you can use a lot of innovative ways. But our opponents can not, they have been kidnapped by business, has been successfully blindfolded, very difficult to benefit from the user point of view to improve products and services." It may seem like a self encouragement, but in fact, it’s the truth. In addition, there are people easecredit innuendo activity enough, but now it is a good thing, because the letter of strategic transformation and policy adjustment will not have so many scruples.

fresh social life? This location is good, the "life" and "social" is the subtext is a social O2O in the said products? Perhaps easecredit can be a bit more radical, the main community directly clear social (life) "in the market strategy, targeted the development of" social networking "is a breakthrough product more potential, 100 million registered users of the existing foundation, reduce the easecredit transition after the registration threshold.

the United States has Nextdoor domestic need not need community social?

said Nextdoor may be some industry insiders know, but most people still don’t know, Nextdoor is very popular recently in the United States social networking products, although the domestic entrepreneurial team in imitation, but few achievements. As a result, the social product itself is extremely burn project, without adequate funding is difficult to promote; secondly, the domestic community living environment complex, community social products without the use of basic stability, which resulted in some of the industry generally suspect community social prospects in the domestic market.

attention to this industry are clear, the development of Nextdoor from the United States more spacious living environment, in some large city, neighbors are far apart, while Americans have a clear consensus on community security, which provides a prerequisite for Nextdoor users. However, there is no such use of rigid demand in the country, but also did not find other social contact can trigger contact, so in Nextd>