Rong Lian 11 into the logistics war link, how to solve the electricity supplier last mile logistics


this year, double the 11 trading volume rose again, the logistics war is also upgraded again.

Double 11

every year there will be explosion phenomenon, each appliance business had to solve logistics problems, especially the last mile logistics, allowing goods to consumers as quickly as possible.

must have a lot of people have this experience, express is said to be served, such as SF express is informed by Alipay, but this notice hidden too deep, how many people will always pay attention to? For example, a small supermarket near the atlas atlas sister home has quickly become my express the transfer station, because I don’t often at home to express. How many users will encounter such a problem.

especially in the current university, closed management of the District, office due to strict management, courier can only be sent downstairs, can not guarantee delivery. Courier downstairs to call the building one by one to pick up the phone, and then wait for someone to pick up objects, a lot of time is spent waiting. Especially in the double 11 period, the delivery time of the delivery staff is extremely rare, aimless waiting for a direct impact on the overall business efficiency and distribution efficiency. The delay time is more than, more important is the serious impact on the user experience.

so, logistics just to solve the "last mile" enough? Logistics into the District, to the office downstairs on the line? How can combine with consumers effectively save time, call the courier of the time, improve the efficiency of the courier, while convenient for consumers, this is the core problem of the last mile logistics.

business competition is so fierce, who can solve in the process of distribution of the last mile, who is likely to have any chance in this battle.

, however, how the electricity supplier in the last mile of logistics competition? There is no secret weapon? We can look at the planning of Jingdong. It is reported that soon after, Jingdong to enlarge recruit, completely solve the problem of logistics last mile.

Jingdong logistics last mile plan

11 is once a year when the cats and dogs, namely Ali joint Suning Ping Beijing resorted to after the battle, double 11 "one of the protagonists of the" Jingdong "finally moves. In "to speed up, don’t walk the catwalk" Jingdong launched the first round of the war, to attack Tmall, this is the battle of logistics.

has been relying on Jingdong throughout the country’s logistics system and perfect, fast after-sales service process, to provide consumers with continuous improvement of the shopping experience. Not long ago, Jingdong for the first time exposed to the outside world on behalf of its strong logistics advantage of Asia one, to ensure the quality and confidence of Jingdong in terms of logistics and distribution advantages. Of course, first in Asia, is a representative of the real, during the double 11 nationwide to ensure that the first time the goods to consumers, is a Jingdong of warehousing and distribution of tens of thousands of front-line staff, and the Jingdong name > home one hundred thousand