Trump coffee for some true sellers agency shop

Trump coffee found now through the network to get the goods to do more and more sellers agent. In this case, many problems have also arisen. Many sellers reaction network to get goods, goods not board. Look at the map is very good, get a look at the hands of garbage. There are a lot of sellers, very lazy. Actually downloaded directly from the agent and then do not change the packet to change it on the shelves. Here I summarize a general opinion under coffee for reference.

first point: what are your strengths?

(1) in Taobao to find a shop to buy clothes, the webmaster search in Taobao. Dozens of shops on the name of the picture exactly the same. The difference is only the price gap. On the other hand, if you are a seller, seeing this, what would you think? Would you buy? Taobao children don’t you shop closed because of repeat distribution, you are lucky. Originally, do shop agent is already empty Amoy white wolf, this without the business, if you don’t work hard to modify the name, with the baby baby pictures, you can make money is simply a Arabian Nights fantasy?.

(2): you can use Isee, shadow magic hands and Photoshop software to modify and beautify your product pictures, add a watermark image or some promotional pictures, you can also download our baby in our fish out shop fitting description template, revise the description of the goods.

(3): remember not the business to pay labor, you see that white people do not pay lip service, do not bother to set the wolf to


second points: how to let buyers know you

(1) Taobao shop economy is the use of Taobao’s search function. Many sellers of goods, search on Taobao are not found, or take a few pages or dozens of pages later, so there will be business?

here, Trump recommend coffee flower to mind, the name of commodity for a good name for you, the commodity name to add some buyers to buy things to facilitate buyers to search keywords in your goods.

(2) in addition, if you are free, you can go to some of your goods related forums, blog posts published some articles to promote your shop. For example, selling clothing to Ruili blog post, if not this time, you can also spend money to hire someone to help you write the article publicity, such services are generally 50 yuan a senior soft, released the same 10 posts on different blogs, forum charges seems to be 10 yuan, the price is Trump in coffee the Internet to see, can refer to.

(3) to do Taobao customers to promote or go to Ali’s mother to do the promotion of time display. Do Taobao guest also has the skill, because now do Taobao guest seller is still a lot of, you released the Taobao guest after the task is best to go to the Ali mother BBS to post please Taobao customers to help you promote. Let people know you this Taobao guest task.

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