Why your baby description is not attractive

why is your baby description is not attractive? First we have to find the problem, in order to be targeted to solve the problem, we say it is not

baby described in the pages of the text often appear problems:

1, baby description of the inside pages of the document logic problems;

2, product centric issues;

3, only to speak of the benefits of goods copy;

4, the inside pages do not understand marketing and promotion;

5, copy does not understand the basic business contract issues;

6, Taobao does not understand the rules of the problem.

Here we

not many words, directly to the top of every issue, more detail about the

1, baby description of the inside pages of the document logic problems;


novice seller, you will often write in baby description, do not know how to write it? No idea? Don’t know. The logic of how to design a baby in the page? And the clock (Zhong Shenyan) can guess, you basically is the commodity attribute, commodity picture picture or some details of the plan, with stacked up trouble! Is it


also some sellers, a copy of the page inside the baby to write on the package, promotion, and related sales. Click on the link in the consumer would have to buy the product, the product once more so let him choose again, the original product did not think whether to buy, not only affect the user experience, and the dispersion of consumer attention. There is a start on the third party evaluation, while consumers also do not know what is our goods, what is good, what are selling… These should be placed at the back of the content, the logic of the mistake.

which is how a specific logical arrangement? This article needs a special detail, will be published later on! This article, is that everyone’s problem, found the problem to solve the problem, in the back!!

2, product centric issues;

before we talk about this issue, we first understand what is 4C and 4P. 4C, refers to the customer, cost, convenience, communication; 4P, refers to the product, price, promotion, channels.

baby inside the page in the preparation of the text, the most prominent problem is the product as the center, rather than consumer centric issues. A lot of people in the preparation of their own copy of the time, are based on the theory of 4P rather than 4C theory written copy. Please remember, no one to buy things, not because this thing what to buy, but consumers (customers) buy this thing to bring him to the "value"! Customers buy is the intangible value goods to him! For example, we bought a bottle of water, we are in demand, there is thirsty, we bought a bottle of water, the water can give to us "