Who used to join the network transmission by your purchase served by your purchase CEO

Xiao Bian recently hearsay, network transmission of famous profiteers to join the mobile phone distribution suppliers on behalf of the country’s aisidi by your purchase, chief CEO CEO said, before you purchase Mou has been period for the old idol, became greatly welcome predecessors said, willing to cooperate with the good work, the Internet forum and aisidi do strong.

You may know

aisidi, mobile phone distribution industry leader, but by what you buy is a ghost, Xiaobian use Baidu Search, your purchase is aisidi under a business platform, the main business is a product of 3C digital product sales and Shenzhou group of industrial product sales platform, the store inside the stack open the function of everyone, a generation of fat, there are a lot of social electricity providers play. The inside of the mobile phone is indeed better than the Jingdong, Suning and other cheap, thanks to this aisidi on channel resources, thus it can be seen that the traditional channels in the industry to seek transformation. But if the transition is successful, in the electricity industry popped a piece of blue ocean also never know.

said the Mou is due to join the aisidi group company executives repeatedly fight, but also just hearsay, whether God can see the concrete of the temple also never know, we’ll see.