Guo Yi e-commerce nine confused

[e-commerce nine confused – 1] the Internet can save the cost of traditional channels: Internet traffic is the channel cost of procurement costs. Some people say that I do not have to purchase the brand traffic. Really? So why Amazon or Google in the United States today’s largest advertisers


[nine – 2] Electronic Commerce or "sales can depress the purchase price": (1) the overall sales volume is not equal to a single commodity sales, in fact in today’s e-commerce scale, compared with the traditional channels, in a single product purchase amount, there is no advantage at all; (2) decreasing the purchasing cost compression is the border effect, purchasing 1 and 1000 cost a lot worse, 1000 and 10000 may have little difference.

[nine – 3] e-commerce or "users want faster access to commodities, so the key to success is the fast logistics" is, users want to fast, but the problem is that they are willing to "fast" pay? 10 years ago, a company called "e state for 1 hours, then disappeared.

[nine – 4] e-commerce or "low price can help us get the user, later you can sell expensive things to them:" the price sensitivity on users is the most difficult thing to change, which is determined by their economic situation, values determine and long-term habits. Low prices can help you select the most sensitive group of users, you can never change them.

[nine – 5] e-commerce or "we are the world’s most advanced warehouse warehouse system is technical barriers 15 years ago, Amazon has created, as all barriers are timeliness, today it has ceased to exist, everyone can be the same system is established by use of capital and a reasonable period of time.

[nine – 6] e-commerce or "our inventory can be returned to the supplier, so there is no inventory risk:" in the long run, the supplier will also be considered a small account, he had to offer in the inventory risk.

[nine – 7] e-commerce or "we have the most advanced recommendation engines, others can not copy": the recommendation engine efficiency mainly by the accumulation of data and alternative product diversity decision algorithm are the same.

[nine – 8] or electronic commerce "because of scale effects, operating costs because of the expansion of scale and diluted": This is an ideal state, in reality, each sales increase, operation complexity exponentially increase, the entropy of the system will continue to expand, although the marginal cost will decrease but the fixed cost and the cost of new kinds of errors will not fall.

[e-commerce nine – 9] low margin is our choice of strategy: the truth is the homogenization of goods, user price sensitive, the price will go away from you. Lower than the market price and lead others to follow, called the price higher than the market price war; and let others follow, it’s pricing. E-commerce to date, there is no pricing power.

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