The luxury goods business frequency in quagmire to let more consumers to reputation

recently, "to provide the highest quality products" for selling luxury electric providers to share network information – layoffs caused widespread concern, with its grand product clustering network, NetEase’s Netease Luxuries and many other luxury business situation is not ideal, let fears difficulties will make the luxury business frequency in "quagmire".

how to break through the high-end line of luxury electricity providers should break the dilemma?. The industry believes that the luxury consumer audience not only Amoy benefits, but also need to provide electricity providers to ensure credibility. Luxury electricity supplier to enhance the experience of line services, to meet the target audience’s buying habits, is conducive to resolving consumer confidence crisis, improve loyalty.

electricity supplier trap frequency quagmire

at the end of July, the staff were told to share network suddenly fired news spread like wildfire in the network, caused by the outside of the operating conditions of the network to share concerns.


then share network through the official micro-blog claims: share network department layoffs strategic adjustment, to optimize the management, improve the efficiency, but the outside world is still operating on the luxury business called into question, because has had a lot of luxury site into a quagmire".

this year, Shanda’s product clustering network, NetEase’s Netease Luxuries, Sina’s Sina luxury goods business is poor, coupled with the Huha network on, serves network redundancy, CEO news network respect turnover, the luxury goods business by layers of dark clouds.

China investment market information consulting firm China venture data show that in the first half of 2011, there are 12 cases of luxury electricity supplier financing, financing amounted to $283 million, reaching the highest level in history. But in the first half of 2012, in addition to listing financing, the total number of domestic luxury electricity supplier financing cases has been significantly reduced.

to let more credibility of

analysis of the industry, the development of domestic luxury electricity supplier dilemma, from the absence of electricity supplier after sales service, and the consumer’s purchasing habits and get rid of the brand’s license, etc..

[0.69 7.81%] Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center analyst Mo Daiqing believes that the commodity property itself determines the luxury consumer group is the minority, and the consumers generally have a cautious attitude, more accustomed to buying on line.

luxury high price has dispelled the customer as "errands fee" and motivation at home shopping." E-commerce observers Lu Zhenwang believes that the low commodity prices, online shopping saves customers to the store to buy trouble, but customers of "trouble" in cognitive psychology will increase with the purchase of commodity prices and a sharp decline, for the purchase of luxury goods, this kind of "trouble" is not worth mentioning.

in addition to the purchase of convenience, luxury electricity supplier’s ultra low discount can impress consumers?

previously, released "luxury online shopping.