nsiders said Ali disadvantage to businesses

information does not play an indispensable role in any business transaction. So that those who have access to more information channels, has become the most profitable people.

single from Ali in the second quarter revenues, and can’t see how much income is playing this information, only know its total revenue reached $1 billion 740 million, an increase of 61%; net profit increased to $717 million, an increase of 145%; or a very profitable company.

the more popular category, the higher the margin, the more expensive train.

, a businessman who declined to be named, said: "I am currently the main cost of Taobao through train. This category (cosmetics) Click fee Jugui. 1 dollars a click is less, the popular words are not necessarily the first 10 dollars in the first three pages. This year a rough estimate of nearly 200 thousand. But you don’t have to spend this money. No traffic will not be able to deal with Tmall’s various indicators of assessment, if the market is going to be even worse. This train is the same as marijuana".

a few days ago, "Ali punish businesses taking Commission" report:

Ali mother anti cheating system to monitor a small number of cheating molecules and gangs by hijacking traffic and other means of cheating, in the case of the real estate business did not bring to Taobao merchants and set off the commission. At the same time that Ali’s mother, who through non legitimate means of taking Taobao business commission, will resolutely freeze and return all the corresponding Taobao businesses, all means to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Taobao business platform, maintain order and fair environment health.

is intended to clear in order to fight against foreign "cheating" and "non legitimate means, these means are nothing but can reduce the promotion cost businesses, bypassing the Ali platform, and exclusive promotional fee".

earlier this year, Sina, micro-blog, Ali shares ban WeChat beauty said, and mogujie.com remain extremely "ambiguous" (a few degrees rumored to be acquired) relationship, are trying to show that Ali electricity supplier to take entrance, no other third party to encroach on.

businessmen in Ali, Ali entered the means that it was a very closed ecological chain, train, drilling exhibition, Ali mother Taobao customers, Alibaba and Juhuasuan Taobao search trade this ecological chain in the pit, and so on, for businesses, these are restricting the magic circle, only to spend money jump.

Zhang Peng said that the essence of e-commerce, is a more efficient way to connect customers, the key data of this model is the conversion rate, customer price and traffic acquisition costs".

Ali to business the biggest downside is that traffic acquisition costs become more and more expensive, like eating cannabis like eat more dependent, eat more is numb, so every day will give Ali 11 businesses to drug more exciting (some people call it an aphrodisiac), the only crustily skin of head with ALI go.